South Florida is known for warm and sunny weather year round BUT we do experience some short-lived cold weather in the winter months. The Polar Weather trend has send temperatures plummeting here and as we humans bundle up to stay warm, rodents look for shelter from the chill!

Rodents seek warmth – they can find spaces as small as a quarter to sneak inside homes. Rodents can also hide in in plants, which many people bring inside during cold spells.

Rodents gain access to homes, creating property damage, contaminating food sources, triggering allergies and, in some cases, causing illness and disease. They are responsible for an estimated 25% of house fires because they chew electrical wires with their constant gnawing.
It is estimated that rodents infest approximately 21 million homes in the United States each year when the cold weather forces these pests to seek refuge indoors. Rodents are even more common in the Southeast of the United States.

Nearly a third of all Americans have experienced rodent problems. Rodent Proofing your Florida home is a must.

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