5 Things You Should Know About Rodent Removal

A rodent infestation in your house is a serious problem. And it won’t go away on its own. On the contrary, it will get worse very quickly.

You see, according to the rodents, your house is now theirs. And they will fit as many rats or mice into it as they can. 

But don’t worry. There’s a 5-step solution to this problem, which we’ve outlined in the following guide. It describes everything you need to know about rodent removal.

That includes when/why you should call professional pest control services. Read on to learn more.

1. Block Off Entry Points

The rodents must be getting into your home somehow. Perform a thorough examination of the exterior of your home to find possible entry points. 

Look for any hole big enough for a rodent to fit through (about the size of a quarter). Common entry points include:

  • Holes along the base of your home
  • Holes in your roofing
  • Poorly sealed windows (especially attic windows)
  • Vents (especially damaged vents)

Also, rodents are very intelligent and use their teeth as tools. Thus, most rodent entry points will display gnaw marks.

Once you’ve located the entry points, block them off. Do this by compacting steel wool tightly into the openings.

2. Keep Your House Clean

The reason the rodents are in your home is that they smell all of your delicious goodies. This is especially true if your house is an unswept mess with food crumbs all over the floor.

In short, messiness invites rodents. Keep rodents away by keeping your home clean.

3. Set Traps

If you know where the infestation is located, set many, many baited traps to catch them. As long as you’ve blocked off their entry points, you’ll eventually catch them all.

It’s wisest to use reusable traps as there’s no telling how many you’ll need. For bait, peanut butter and aromatic cheese work best.

4. Check the Traps Daily

Mice and rats breed very quickly. And if all your traps are full, they’re free to run around and keep multiplying in your home.

So, check your traps every day. Remove spent traps and replace them with empty traps, along with fresh bait.

5. Call For Professional Help

After trying the steps above, you should stop seeing and hearing the signs of a rodent infestation in your home. Namely, you’ll hear no more scratching and you’ll see no more gnaw marks or new droppings. However, if the steps above don’t work, call a professional pest control service. 

And don’t procrastinate, either. Those little creatures will keep eating away at your home and remodeling it to suit their colony. This will quickly cause widespread damage to your house.

Handle Rodent Removal Carefully

You can’t miss a step when it comes to rodent removal. The infestation must be dealt with thoroughly and precisely.

To that point, let us help. Contact AAA Pest Control so we can assess your infestation today.

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