4 Signs Your Home Needs a Visit From Pest Control

Are you worried that you have pests in your home?

If you do have pests or rodents in your home, then they need to be removed immediately. Not only can they carry diseases and compromise your health but, they can cause major damage to your property.

So, being able to identify when you have a pest infestation is critical.

Keep reading, and we’ll share four common signs of pests you need to look out for. Then if you spot any of these signs, you can call your local pest control to have them taken care of.

1. Small Droppings

A prevalent sign of pests is finding small droppings throughout your home.

Rodents such as rats or mice will leave droppings as they move around the house. The droppings are around 1/8 to 1/4 inch long and are dark in color. In fact, they resemble chocolate chips, so it’s important to clean them up fast if you have young children.

Termite and roach droppings are similar, but they can vary in color. They also tend to resemble coffee grounds.

2. Chewed Wires and Cables

If you spot torn or chewed wires and cables, it can be an obvious sign of rodents.

Rodents like to chew through things, and cables can be a particular favorite. If you have got chewed wires, then you should avoid using the appliance and get them replaced. This is because you could be electrocuted and, they’re a fire hazard.

Once everything is safe, then you should call pest control services immediately.

3. Bite Marks in Food

Rodents and pests are constantly on the lookout for food sources, so your cupboards will be a prime target.

Be on the lookout for bite marks in food and holes in the packaging. They stop at nothing to get to the food, so they will happily chew through cardboard and plastic for a feast.

If you suspect a rodent has been in your food supply, then discard it as soon as possible. You could become very ill from consuming contaminated food items.

4. Pets Behaving Differently

Pets such as cats are very astute and will know if you have rodents in your home. As a result, they may go into predator mode and start trying to hunt them.

They’ll constantly be alert and may focus on certain parts of the house.

Dogs are also a good indicator as to whether you have pests. Things like ticks will latch onto your dog’s skin to feed. When they do this, your dog will start scratching and biting themselves a lot.

If you notice either sign, then your home will need some expert maintenance.

Signs You Require Pest Control

If you notice signs of pests and termites, it’s important to deal with them straight away.

If you don’t, then the situation will only worsen, and your health will be compromised. Plus, it may cost a lot more to resolve the problem.

Finally, if you do require urgent pest control services, then get in contact with us.

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