What Kind of Structural Damage Can Termites Do to Your Home?

Horizontal Close Up Image Of A Roof Of A House That Has Burned And Fallen In Under Blue Sky With Cloud In Summer Time.

Termites are a nightmare for many homeowners. They hide within the wood of your home, causing damage that often goes unseen. Without proper care, you may not find the damage until it’s too late. Can termites cause major structural damage in your home? If you’re concerned that you have a termite infestation, you need to … Read more

Termite Damage: This Is How They Can Ruin Your Home

Termite Damage This Is How They Can Ruin Your Home1

Did you know that termites never stop eating? This allows them to do a lot of damage in little time without any interruptions. Termite damage is important to rectify as these pests are swarmers. They have power in numbers, and where there’s one feeding, there’s bound to be many more. Many wonder, just what can termites … Read more

Termite Removal: The Key Things You Need to Know

Termite Removal The Key Things You Need2 To Know

1. Learn to Look for the Signs Many people overlook termites because they mistake them for ants. In most cases, however, homeowners only see evidence of termites, rather than the actual creatures. That’s because termites are relatively secret insects that prefer dark, secluded places. However, they leave signs of infestation all over. This includes mud tubes … Read more

The Most Common Signs of Termites in Florida Homes

The Wood Door With Termites Damage

Do you know how to spot the first signs of a termite infestation? Termites can cause a lot of damage and financial woes. Although colonies can be dealt with by pest control, each year, they cause billions in damage to American homes. This is because homeowners spot them too late. Put a stop to potential … Read more

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