Iguanas are primarily a problem in South Florida, where they breed in great numbers. They litter boat docks, rooftops, and sometimes get into homes and buildings.

Iguanas are some of the most interesting and colorful lizards to be seen in the world, and for this reason they often make popular pets for those interested in exotic animals. There are also many species of iguanas that are populous across the southern states of the USA, and it is these animals that can prove to be the biggest problem that homeowners will need to deal with.

Iguana Removal in South Florida

There are a number of problems that people who have iguanas using or living in their garden may experience. Iguanas are naturally herbivorous, which means that if you have a wide range of plants in your garden the iguana will often find many of these to be very tasty. Their jagged teeth will not only be ideal for tearing up plants, but if they are threatened then they can bite humans and domestic pets, and this can be painful and may require medical treatment.

Trapping and Snaring Iguanas

The two main ways to catch iguanas are by trapping and snaring them. Snares can be bought online and in some stores, and will generally be sold pre-loaded. The best snares will be those that allow a certain freedom of movement both in terms of the twisting and writhing, but will still hold them and prevent them from escaping. These should be placed in areas where the iguana, or iguanas in some cases will be sighted regularly, as they do tend to use the same paths. The trap should be checked regularly, and any iguanas caught should be carefully transferred into a cage.

The other option for those who have an iguana problem and want to do something about it themselves is to use a cage trap. These can be designed just to catch one animal at a time, or can be repeater traps allowing a number of iguanas to enter but won’t allow them to escape. The positioning will usually be more important than using bait for these traps, but fruit such as mangoes or bananas are said to be successful bait.

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