Is Bed Bug Removal in South Florida Effective?

Did you know that every 16 days bed bugs can double in number? One pregnant bed bug can quickly turn into hundreds, so an infestation of this parasite can happen before you even know you have them. How do you do get rid of them though? Is bed bug removal in South Florida effective, or will you always be stuck sharing the covers with these little pests?

Is Bed Bug Removal in South Florida Effective? Does It Actually Work?

The truth is that it depends. When it comes to at-home treatments that you can make or purchase at your local general store, unfortunately they’re not likely to work. This is because bed bugs have built up a resistance to many of the DIY and even store-bought products. Additionally, bed bugs are very hard to detect as they don’t just stick to mattresses. They can hide behind furniture, outlet covers, baseboards, and even wallpaper!

However, with diligence through daily methods including vacuuming, steaming, and / or freezing the areas you find bed bugs, plus washing bedding, towels, and clothing, and using pesticides, you may find it to be successful after a couple of weeks. If that sentence alone sounds exhausting, think of how much work it is to try to successfully get rid of all bed bugs and their tiny eggs on your own!

There are professional bed bug treatments that claim to be much less work and much more powerful. So, is bed bug removal in South Florida effective? Yes, it really does work.

Professional exterminators use various types of treatments which may include a combination of methods to quickly eliminate the pesky bloodsuckers. Whole-house fumigation is one option that can eliminate the pests in just one session.

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