Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick populations in South Florida have been steadily rising over the years as these pests become more and more resistant to common methods of treatment.

The most effective way to eliminate the presence of fleas and ticks in your home is to quickly use the services of AAA Pest Control to administer treatment to the infested areas.

Are fleas and ticks eating away at you or your furry friend? Don’t let fleas and ticks aggravate your pet and spread throughout your home. Call the professionals at AAA Pest Control to eliminate the fleas and ticks from your yard and home with our effective and proven methods. Nothing is worse than watching your pet scratch at that persistent itch without being able to help! AAA Pest Control provides immediate results for your annoying flea and tick problem.

Let an AAA Pest Control specialist help protect your beloved pet and your home from the spread of pesky fleas with our flea and tick removal service!


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