Dangerous To Your Health

Rodents are filthy creatures that carry over 35 known diseases. Roden​ts cause disease and destruction. They carry many serious diseases and health threats including Hantavirus, Salmonella (Food Poisoning), Rat Bite Fever, Weill’s Disease, Toxoplasmosis and more. Exposure to their droppings (feces) can cause allergies, asthma, and infections.

Rodents bring other dangerous pests and dangers with them as they “host” mites, ticks and fleas on their bodies! They are known to trigger allergy attacks and asthma attacks. They also have a reputation for causing house fires. In fact, 25% of house fires are caused by rats and/or mice chewing electrical wires!​

Crawl space insulation is quickly ruined by nesting rodents. This causes higher utility bills as well as respiratory problems. Rodents also gnaw through PVC pipes, which can cause expensive damage to your plumbing, and even flood the property!

Dangerous To Your Home

Rodents are responsible for over a BILLION Dollars in damages to homes every year. They can infest and ruin foodstuffs and cause serious structural damage to buildings, pipework and wiring systems – even causing fires – by their constant gnawing. PVC pipework destroyed by Rodents can ruin an entire plumbing system,and even flood your home!

Rat Bite Fever Is Real

You may have read about a recent tragedy involving a PET rat. Just think of the diseases non-pets carry! Rodents are filthy and disease-ridden. Call AAA Pest Control today to handle your rodent problem. We offer complete and affordable treatment plans.

  1. Start with a Free Inspection to determine the problem. We will put together an affordable and complete plan for you
  2. Extermination: Eliminate the rodents immediately
  3. If needed, clean up the attic, etc., to remove contaminated insulation, droppings.
  4. Exclusion: Follow up to make sure all rodents are exterminated then sealing all entry points to prevent future problems.
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