It’s difficult to get people to agree on many subjects, but everyone agrees that cockroaches are disgusting. They spread disease, multiply rapidly and are the bane of people all over the world.

In Florida, cockroaches are a persistent problem, and most home and business owners schedule regular visits from roach extermination companies such as AAA Pest Control. If they don’t have a roach exterminator visit often, it’s only a matter of time before they have a large infestation problem as the roaches will flee from a treated home or business and take up residence in an untreated one. If your home or business has a roach problem or you want to proactively protect yourself from having one, call the roach extermination experts at AAA Pest Control today.

A longstanding joke about nuclear holocaust has cockroaches being the only survivors. However, there is nothing funny about them, particularly if you’re the owner of a home or business that has an infestation problem. Call us today WE COME TODAY! 

Each species requires a different approach for control and extermination. As the old joke suggests, cockroaches are survivors and quickly develop resistance to most pesticides found in grocery and hardware stores. This is why more home and business owners rely on a professional roach exterminator like AAA Pest Control to help rid them of these insects. Our technicians use the latest eradication products and methods to target roaches where they nest and disrupt their life cycles. Simply spraying around problem areas is not effective. Roach extermination requires a comprehensive approach tailored to each situation.

Our technicians find that the best cockroach extermination involves a combination of the following:

1. Sprays
2. Dusts
3. Roach baiting stations
4. Traps
5. Stepped-up sanitation
6. Follow-up visits, diligence and cooperation between our techs and the home or business owner

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