Do Iguanas Lay Eggs?

Green iguanas are the most prevalent kind.

Iguanas are interesting lizards. Some homeowners have them as pets and can control them in a cage, while others let them roam free in the home, perhaps several of them. Here in South Florida, they can create big issues in the wild. Do iguanas lay eggs? Yes, they do and they have a breeding season … Read more

Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous?

Carpenter Bee Burrowing in your home. 25

Insects and pests coming into contact with your home is a natural occurrence. There are way too many insects in the world to eradicate every one of them. Additionally, you wouldn’t want the ecosystem to be destroyed because insects were no longer available as a source of food for other animals. Bees are one of … Read more

Do Coffee Grounds Repel Earwigs?

Coffee grounds are one small way to get rid of earwigs.

As a homeowner, not only do you have regular maintenance and upkeep to concern yourself with, but you need to concern yourself with keeping intruders out. Intruders can be very small insects, rodents, or even larger creatures. Dealing with pest control is not any homeowner’s first thought when it comes to owning a home. Unfortunately, … Read more

Do Boxelder Bugs Bite?

A swarm of boxelder bugs.

Pest control is a large part of owning a home. Most homeowners forget how necessary pest control is for keeping their homes free and clear of pests and insects. There are a variety of bugs that homeowners would never want to see in their homes. Termites, spiders, cockroaches, and ants are just a few insects … Read more

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