Termite Treatment in Fort Lauderdale: How Much Does It Cost?

Did you know that a home can suffer $9,000 or more in damages before they realize they have a termite problem? Termite control and prevention are essential to preventing these expensive damages, so how much does termite treatment in Fort Lauderdale cost? Read on to find out!

How Much Does Termite Treatment in Fort Lauderdale Cost?

It’s that dreaded day where you’ve finally spotted termite droppings or, even worse, mud tubes. Certain that you’re dealing with destructive termites, what do you do? More importantly, how expensive is it going to cost to do something about your pest problem?

Thankfully, termite treatments are incredibly affordable, especially in comparison to the thousands of dollars in damages many households face due to these pesky pests. The average cost of termite treatment is $575, although it can be higher or lower than this.

Ultimately, you won’t know how much termite treatment for your household is going to cost until you call in a professional and receive an estimate. Thankfully, treatments are tailored to not only your circumstance but your budget as well.

What Factors Should You Consider When Determining the Cost?

Termite treatments can be on the low side of $70 and the high side of over $1,000 for a treatment. This is due to contributing factors such as location, severity of infestation, and type of treatment you opt for.

Naturally, do-it-yourself treatments are more affordable. Although they sometimes get the job done, it can be tricky if you’re not sure how to navigate pest control and prevention on your own. If you’re experienced with doing pest control yourself, opt for professionally recommended products.

Whole-structure heat treatments administered by professional exterminators cost significantly more but are much more effective. The termite type and how severe the infestation has become can increase or decrease overall price.

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